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SYNERGY Rewards is a Lend Lease incentive program which encourages energy conservation among residents. Conservation Credits earned are redeemable for popular merchandise such as books, movies and electronics.

Login to view your credits, redeem merchandise, complete Family-focused energy conservation activities, earn bonus Credits, learn simple consumption reducing tips and more. SYNERGY Rewards also offers a fun Spin & Win feature on the website, allowing residents to earn a variety of other prizes as well as Conservation Credits.


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Why Participate?
Across the Department of Defense (DoD), energy conservation programs are underway with a goal to reduce energy consumption by 20%. The Army’s conservation program for housing requires residents to pay for a portion of their energy consumption. Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes received permission from the Army to test a new approach to energy conservation, SYNERGY Rewards, which provides incentives in the form of Conservation Credits to Families for positive consumption habits. However, in order for this program to be successful and not revert to the program implemented elsewhere, ALL must choose to conserve!

With SYNERGY Rewards, as you earn Conservation Credits and redeem them for merchandise, you are contributing to environmental sustainability for future generations; one less dependent on foreign oil sources. Energy Conservation is a priority in the Army and the Nation and SYNERGY Rewards encourages you and your Family to develop lifelong conservation habits.

Along with the global benefits, energy conservation is good for this community. Mountain Community Homes spends more than $7 Million annually on energy. Energy savings are reinvested in the community. If only 5% were saved, Mountain Community Homes could build 7 new playgrounds, replace 20 roofs or upgrade the energy-efficiency of 115 homes!

Military Families receive a basic allowance for housing (BAH) which is used to offset rent, insurance and average utility expenses. At Mountain Community Homes, residents’ BAH covers rent, insurance, water, sewage and ALL gas and electric usage*

*The highest users (top 3%) will be held financially responsible for their energy consumption.

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